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SDict Viewer

SDict Viewer is a viewer for dictionaries in open format developed by AXMA Soft. Primary goal of the project is to provide usable dictionary application for Nokia Internet Tablets (770, N800, N810 and N900) running Maemo. Because SDict Viewer is written in Python and its user interface is implemented in PyGTK, it should be possible to run it on any platform where Python and PyGTK are available. Many free dictionaries, reference books and encyclopedias are available for download at



SDict Viewer 0.3.0 on Maemo
SDict Viewer 0.3.0 on Maemo
SDict Viewer 0.3.0 on Maemo
SDict Viewer 0.3.0 on Maemo
SDict Viewer 0.3.0 on Maemo
SDict Viewer 0.2.1 with English-Japanese dictionary on Maemo


Nokia 770/N8x0/N900

SDict Viewer requires Python runtime environment. Please follow installation instructions at Python for Maemo web site.

Download appropriate .deb package from here and install it through Application Manager in a usual fashion.

Version 0.1.0 is packaged for Internet Tablet OS 2005 (Maemo 1.1), all subsequent versions require Internet Tablet OS 2006 (Maemo 2.x) or later.

Other Platforms

There are no installation packages for other platforms. You can download source code archive, unpack it and run Windows and Mac OS X users will also need to download and install Python 2.5, GTK and PyGTK (any 2.6 version or greater should be fine). Most Linux users are likely to have all these installed already. Please keep in mind the main focus of this project is Nokia Internet Tablets, so there are no plans to do any formal releases for any other platforms.


If you are using dictionaries that have phonetic transcription you may want to install at least one unicode font that contains International Phonetic Alphabet characters. Nokia 770 and N800 out of the box do not have one. has several good fonts free to download. Get at least one, Doulus SIL, for example. To install a font just create /home/user/.fonts directory and put the font file there. The system should pick it up, so when you go to "Options">"Phonetic Font..." in SDict Viewer you should see it in the list.

You also need to install additional fonts if you use dictionaries in languages not supported on Nokia Internet Tablets out of the box. WAZU JAPAN's Gallery of Unicode Fonts is an excellent resource for various unicode fonts.

Limitations and Known Issues


We don't plan any major development for SDict Viewer after 0.6.0. All new development will be done in new project: Aard Dictionary. Please submit all your enhancement requests to this new project.


© 2006-2009 Igor Tkach
Sdictionary format developed by AXMA Soft
Last updated December 25, 2009